OSCP Privilege Escalation Guide

2 min readApr 6, 2021

After you’ve popped a shell on an OSCP machine, chances are you are going to need to escalate your privileges before getting that sweet root.txt. I’ve noticed that a lot of PWK students tend to struggle with privilege escalation on Windows and Linux, including myself. Here are some mind maps that I have created to aid with this knowledge gap. I’ve also created videos to show off some of these privilege escalation methods in detail.

Note: These are originally from the OSCP Windows Privilege Escalation Methodology and OSCP Linux Privilege Escalation Methodology videos I put out a few months ago.


Linux Privilege Escalation Videos:


Windows Privilege Escalation Videos:


I hope that these mind maps will be useful to reference during your studying or exam. It’s easy to miss small details during the privilege escalation phase and having a checklist or mind map to reference can save you from skipping the intended way to priv esc. I will be adding more links here as videos are created for each method.

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